MPS Looking to Recruit New Design & Development Engineer

Marine Power Systems is seeking a design & development engineer to join its team and help achieve the company’s vision of clean, affordable, reliable renewable marine energy.  

As a design & development engineer in Marine Power Systems, the successful candidate will take overall responsibility for the design, build and testing of tank scale prototypes to optimize the design of devices in development and verify computational simulations.

The candidate will be an integral part of the development team, shaping the future of marine energy, the company said.

The candidate will be based at the MPS head office in Swansea.

It’s main responsibilities will include CAD design of tank scale prototypes, build of tank scale prototypes, testing of tank scale prototypes, data processing, reporting and interpretation, as well as generally contributing to device development.

MPS requires the candidate to have master’s or bachelor’s degree in Engineering with a minimum of 3 years relevant industrial experience.

The deadline for the application is July 19, 2019.