MRC calls for Asian marine renewables consulting

Marine Renewables Canada (MRC) is looking for proposals for consulting services to assist in the development of a market study for marine renewable energy in Asia.

The request for proposals for the Asian Market Study study stems from MRC’s 2017 – 2019 International Business Development Strategy which defines Asia as a target market for new business and research opportunities.

The study is expected to assist MRC and its members in future planning and strategy for engagement in the Asian market.

“Asia has a growing energy challenge as it works to support its large population, ensure energy security, and control environmental impact. Marine renewable energy has been identified as one solution by various Asian countries.

“The market for marine renewable energy is growing in Asia, and is perhaps one of more nascent markets in comparison to Canada, Europe, and the UK.

“However, this presents a window of opportunity for Canadian businesses and researchers with expertise to export knowledge and technology to a market that is gaining momentum,” it is stated in the request for proposals.

Aside from getting involved in Asia’s supply chain for marine renewable energy projects, there are also numerous locations for small-scale marine renewable energy generation opportunities, MRC noted.

Canada’s national industry association for marine renewable energy also said that Asia is a target market for Canada’s small-scale river and tidal energy developers due to its many island nations and remote communities, according to MRC.

Proposals are due by September 29, 2017. MRC said it anticipates that the contractor would begin work immediately upon approval to proceed.

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