Mutriku wave plant generates over 1 GWh of clean power

Mutriku wave energy plant has completed its first five years of operation during which it produced and exported over 1.3 GWh of power to the Basque grid.

Mutriku power plant, opened in 2011, is comprised of oscillating water column (OWC) wave energy devices with the total installed capacity of 296kW.

The cost of constructing the plant was €2.3 million, and the energy produced is used to cover the needs of 100 households.

This grid-connected plant is integrated with an existing breakwater at Mutriku harbour, and is located at Bay of Biscay, Mutriku, Spanish Basque Country.

Aside from producing the energy from waves, the plant also acts as a test centre for new turbine technologies and control systems.

To mark the 5-year anniversary, the President of the Basque government Iñigo Urkullu visited the facility accompanied by the Minister of Economic Development and Competitiveness Arantza Tapia and the Minister of Environment and Territorial Policy Oregi Ana.

The plant was developed by Ente Vasco de la Energía (EVE), the Basque energy agency.

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