Nakauvadra River Dredging Kicks Off

The Ministry of Waterways and Environment of Fiji has commissioned emergency dredging works of the Nakauvadra River in Rakiraki in a deal that will see the removal of all the soil by the contractor without Government having to pay for the works, The Fiji Times reports. 

Commenting the latest news, Minister Dr. Mahendra Reddy described this as a private-public partnership.

“We are looking at undertaking close to $300 million worth of projects through private-public partnership and therefore, save government money.” 

“Under the arrangement, Rattan Civil Works will remove 6000 cubic metres of silt from the river and will keep it.

“In this model, we undertake all the works such as environmental impact assessments, obtaining fishing rights waiver and then the private sector desilts and keeps the material,” said Reddy.

The dredging operations will be conducted along 2.5km of the river and will take two weeks.