Nass&Wind Responds to 2nd Call for French Offshore Wind Tenders

Nass&Wind Responds to 2nd Call for French Offshore Wind Tenders.

On the occasion of the Thetis International Convention on Marine Renewable Energy in Brest, France on 10 and 11 April, Nass&Wind Offshore announced its intention to respond to the second call for tenders for offshore wind farms, which was recently published.

To do this,” said Olivier Schwebel, CEO of Nass&Wind Offshore, “we have the experience of the first call for tenders (co-winner with EDF EN and DONG for the Saint-Nazaire project), human and financial resources and some very innovative tools allowing us to be faster and more precise when it comes to site characterization.

Site characterization is very important,” he explained, addressing a large audience,especially in terms of wind and soil data. When it is done well, it helps reduce the technical and financial risks of the project, thereby reducing the cost of the electricity produced, which should be the sole concern of the project developers, as well as consultation with all stakeholders, another recognized specialty of Nass&Wind Offshore.

Nass&Wind Offshore is in the final phases of exploring all possibilities in order to put together the most competitive bid, with the sole aim being to minimize the cost of the electricity produced, although it is too early at this stage to reveal who the Lorient-based company is in discussions with.

What is certain,” said Olivier Schwebel, “is that we believe more than ever that local governments and stakeholders should participate very closely and as early as possible in the development of these projects.


Press release, April 16, 2013; Image: Nass&Wind