Nemo Link Interconnector Put Into Operation

The Nemo Link subsea interconnector between Belgium and Great Britain has become operational.

The energy exchange started on Thursday, 31 January at midnight. An average of 773MW will be exchanged
and a total amount of 18,559MWh will be transported for the whole day via the Nemo Link cable.

The interconnector allows up to 1,000MW of electricity to flow in either direction between the two countries.

The Nemo Link is a collaborative effort by the Belgian and British transmission system operators, Elia and National Grid, which set up a joint venture for this purpose, comprising a mixed Belgian-British team.

The transmission cables are 140 kilometres long, including a 130-kilometre stretch in the North Sea, and connect converter stations in Richborough, Great Britain and Bruges, Belgium, each of which is integrated into its respective national grid.

Interconnectors are vital, among other things, for the large-scale integration of renewable energies, where excess generated power can be traded at favourable prices at the European level, Elia said.

Chris Peeters, Chief Executive Officer of Elia, said: ”In energy terms, the interconnector will offer a better future for
consumers in both countries and facilitate the transition towards a sustainable and affordable electricity system. It will also give us more ways of guaranteeing security of supply. The commissioning of the Nemo Link, combined with that of the ALEGrO connection, scheduled for next year, will significantly boost our energy exchange capacity and position our infrastructure at the heart of Europe’s future electricity system.”