Nemo OTEC project on track

The Nemo project, a floating OTEC power plant, is expected to be operational in 2018, according to EDF Pulse.

The project is being built by DCNS and Akuo Energy.

Nemo floating power plant will consist of four modules, and its capacity is 16 MW.

Some of the electricity produced by the plant will be used to operate the pumps and other parts of the plant, so Nemo’s net power is expected to be 10.5 MW to 11 MW.

Nemo will be located 7 km from Bellefontaine, off the east coast of Martinique. It is expected to power 35.000 homes.

Akuo Energy and DCNS are also working together on an onshore OTEC power plant project Nautilus in Martinique. The Nautilus project will complement the Nemo offshore OTEC plant, and is expected to be operational in 2017.

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) uses the difference in temperature between the warm surface water and cold deep water to produce electricity.

Akuo Energy is a French producer of renewable energy, that aims to increase worldwide installed capacity of renewables to over 3 GW within five years.

DCNS Group is a French-based company focused on inventing high-technology solutions to sustainably secure the sea and develop its potential.

EDF Pulse, a part of EDF electricity company, is established to support innovative projects, people and ideas.

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Image: DCNS

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