NEMOS ropes outlive standards

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German developer NEMOS has reported favorable test results for its newly developed rope construction that may be used for the company’s wave energy device.

Compared to the previously trialed standard rope solution, the one tested with LIROS – NEMOS’ partner for rope solution – achieved 2.5 times longer lifetime during cyclic bend over shave (CBOS) scrutiny.

The new 5-strand flat braided Dyneema rope, tested at the Institut für Fördertechnik und Logistik, showed less wear and tear at 1.3 million bendings as opposed to the 12-strand hollow braided variant after the same number of cycles.

According to NEMOS, the newly developed rope solution has reached over 3.2 million bendings during testing which continues to this day.

NEMOS wave energy device uses the incoming energy of a wave to absorb it using its elongated floating body and then transmit the absorbed energy to a generator shaft by a belt system.

The movement of the waves causes the device to transmit mechanical energy to a generator which is positioned at any suitable offshore structure.

The system is capable of protecting itself during stormy conditions by automatically submerging and sheltering itself from the waves, while the energy is continued to be harnessed in the submerged mode, according to the company.

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