Photo: Cygnus Alpha; Source: Neptune Energy

Neptune awards three-year water treatment deal to Separo

Solids control, hazardous waste stream, and wastewater expert Separo has been awarded a three-year contract for the provision of produced water treatment services from Neptune Energy.

Separo said on Tuesday that its SepSORB water treatment system has, over the last two years, reduced hydrocarbon content in produced water, supporting consistent environmental compliance on Neptune Energy’s Cygnus Alpha gas production platform located in the UK Southern North Sea.

Source: Separo
Source: Separo

The new contract between Separo and Neptune relates to reducing hydrocarbon levels in produced water, with SepSORB already being used on platforms in the Dutch sector of the North Sea.

Andrew Hardie, Separo general manager in the UK, said: “We are delighted to continue our ongoing collaboration with Neptune Energy. We developed the SepSORB range to enable customers to lower the hydrocarbon levels in produced water, and it is great to see these systems in operation across the UK and Netherlands sectors of the North Sea”.

The company added that the Wastewater Treatment Services (WTS) division was recently launched following the company’s rebrand from Solids Control Services, which has been operating around the world for the last 30 years, to Separo.

The move also saw the creation of Solids Control and Industrial Waste divisions which serve energy and industrial clients.

Separo COO Andrew Crutchley added: “The WTS division is a new addition to the business, but we have been supplying these highly effective produced water treatment solutions across the North Sea and beyond for a number of years.

The treatment at source solution our skilled teams have developed enables our customers to lower their carbon footprint and reduce costs, which is crucial at this critical time for the industry in the UK and beyond”.