Neste teams up with PTL Marine on renewable diesel supply across California

Finnish oil refining and marketing company Neste has partnered with Tennessee-based maritime transportation firm PTL Marine to supply renewable diesel to the marine sector across California.


PTL Marine, a division of Pilot Thomas Logistics, provides maritime fuel and lubricants, supplies and last-mile logistics.

Through this collaboration, the state’s marine industry will have easier access to renewable diesel.

California’s Commercial Harbor Craft (CHC) regulation, established by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), took effect on January 1, 2023. This regulation requires commercial harbor craft vessels in the state to use renewable diesel (also known locally as R99 or R100) instead of ultra-low sulphur diesel (ULSD), to limit emissions such as particulate matter and nitrogen oxides for vessels operating in the state’s ports and near the coast. The regulation applies to the use of on-water diesel fuels in California harbors, ports, navigable waterways, marinas and marine navigation districts.

“Our partnership with PTL Marine demonstrates renewable diesel’s wide range of applications in the heavy-duty sectors,” Carrie Song, Vice President, Renewable Road Transportation, Americas at Neste, said.

“We are excited to see California actively encouraging the use of renewable diesel outside of road transportation to reduce emissions, especially from older engines. With strategic partners like PTL Marine, we look forward to helping California’s marine industry have easier access to this more sustainable alternative.”

Ports are important for the US economy, but port-related emissions from fossil fuel use impact public health and the climate, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). A CARB research found that renewable diesel, when compared with fossil diesel, can provide up to a 26.6% reduction in fine particulate emissions and up to 11.8% reduction in the emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) in harbor crafts equipped with a Tier 2 marine-certified engine. Additionally, renewable diesel is an immediately available solution to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Made from sustainably sourced, 100% renewable raw materials, the use of Neste renewable diesel results in up to 75% reduced GHG emissions over its life cycle compared to fossil diesel, according to the company. Since Neste MY Renewable Diesel has a similar chemical composition to fossil diesel, it can be used as a drop-in solution in all diesel-powered vessels without investments into new vehicle fleets, modifications to the engines or the fuel distribution infrastructure, Neste claims.

PTL Marine will be delivering Neste renewable diesel to customers with three modes of delivery – truck to the vessel, dockside services, and barge to the vessel. These various delivery modes enable a range of harbor craft, from small ferries to large commercial fishing boats, as well as offshore working boats and large cargo ships to easily access renewable fuel.