New Backhoe Dredger for Pakistan Navy

Image source: Pakistan Navy

Induction ceremony of new backhoe dredger Rah Kusha and two split hopper barges Tarseel One and Two, built for Pakistan Navy at Tianjin Shipyard in China, was held at Pakistan Navy Dockyard in Karachi yesterday.

Due to its design and functioning methodology, the Rah Kusha can dredge in proximity of jetties and berths, where other conventional dredging means are less effective, according to Pakistan Navy.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Vice Chief of Naval Staff, Kaleem Shaukat, said that Pakistan’s sea trade routes and maritime zones are the life-lines for country’s economy and need to be guarded at all costs. He also added that Pakistan’s ports and harbor are the gateway to this economic line and the need to keep them functional at all times mandates a strong Navy.

Thanks to the latest addition of the new dredger and hopper barges to their fleet, the PN dredging capabilities will be further enhanced, Pakistan Navy said in its official statement.

The ceremony was attended by high ranking officials and dignitaries from China, Pakistan Navy and the corporate sector.

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