New pact forms to boost ocean renewable energy

Mercator Ocean and Ocean Energy Europe (OEE) have announced plans to form a partnership in order to support ocean renewable energy through the Copernicus Marine Service.

The cooperation will help the Copernicus Marine Service (CMEMS) to support the activities of Ocean Energy Europe industry members by raising awareness about our open data and services.

The aim is to stimulate the sustainable blue economy and blue growth by boosting the activities in the marine renewable energy sector through the provision of free and open marine data.

The partnership will include 4 main areas of exchange that will see CMEMS products and services promoted to a diverse set of companies and organizations with blue renewable energy initiatives, while OEE will provide feedback on the ocean renewable industry needs so that the CMEMS service can adapt to the market.

Also, OEE will organize trainings and events to present CMEMS services to raise awareness about its open data and services available, and will offer practical information on how it can be applied to support blue renewable energy activities.

Furthermore, OEE will provide renewable ocean energy market intelligence to help CMEMS to better understand the different businesses within the industry and their respective logistics.

The information will be used develop the services and products for ocean renewable energies, according to Copernicus Marine Service – part of the European Program for the establishment of a European capacity for Earth Observation and Monitoring.

The meeting to mark the partnership kick-off has been scheduled for April 23, 2018 in Brussels.

Mercator Ocean is a privately-owned non-profit company that provides ocean analysis and forecasting services to France and Europe as a whole. The organization was founded and is funded by the five major French institutions involved in operational oceanography: CNRS, Ifremer, IRD, Météo-France and SHOM.

Representing over 120 organizations, including Europe’s leading utilities, industrialists and research institutes, OEE is an industry body that acts as the main link between Europe’s ocean energy sector and the EU institutions, and EU Member States.