New Zealand: Stark Bros Splashes 16.8m Steel Fishing Trawler LEGACY


Stark Bros Splashes 16.8m Steel Fishing Trawler LEGACY

New Zealand-based company Stark Bros, on February 21st, officially launched 16.8m Steel Fishing Trawler named FV LEGACY. Continuing the legacy theme, Elizabeth (Liz) Stark performed the official launching duties, the 2nd occasion on which she has had this honour.

The vessel is designed with a single 330 HP engine running a Twindisc MC-5111 Deep Case Marine Transmission to a 4 bladed 43” x 43” fi xed propeller in a steerable nozzle. The Engine drives PTO mounted hydraulic pumps for the hydraulic systems including the 17.5kva alternator. The Engine and Propulsion package can be varied to suit owner’s requirements.

Electronic Navigation Ltd. supplied and installed their 160khz WASSP equipment on-board FV Legacy (Wide Angle Sonar) complete with advanced Navigator 2D/3D seabed profiling software. The equipment was thoroughly tested on another vessel previously built by Stark Bros. This equipment present breakthrough in fishing tool market, collecting and retaining an array of information then converting it and displaying as easily understood 3D imagery.

The FV Legacy is the first commercial fishing trawler in NZ to have Electronic Navigation system installed.

It has proven itself very capable in both mid-water and bottom trawling. Net Rollers and Trawl Winch Configuration ensure that this vessel can easily adapt to the conditions, changing Mid Water or Bottom Trawl nets as and when required. Designed to operate with a Skipper and 2 crew, this vessel has accommodation for Skipper and 3 crew enabling additional crew / observers to be carried as may be required.

FV Legacy will be running on high blend BioDiesel (B60) supplied by Biodiesel New Zealand (a subsidiary of Solid Energy NZ).

Vessel Particulars:

Length Overall – 16.8 m

Design Water Length –  16.28m

Beam – 5.60m

Draft – 3.2 m


Shipbuilding Tribune Staff, March 6, 2012; Image: starkbros