Nexans Set for Rock Installation on Beatrice OWF Export Cable

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Cables specialist Nexans Norway will carry out the rock placement campaign for the installation of the first of two export cables (EC1) in the Beatrice offshore wind farm.

Earlier this month, the cable laying vessel Nexans Skagerrak completed the laying and burial of the first 70-kilometer 220kV export cable which will connect the 588MW wind farm to the Scottish grid.

The rock installation work is scheduled to begin on December 21, 2018, using a fallpipe vessel (FPV) Rockpiper.

The operation will be supported by guard vessels Seagull and Morning Dawn in the Southern sector of the wind farm array.

The estimated duration of work associated with the rock placement campaign is 10 days.

Should adverse weather occur during the rock positioning, the FPV Rockpiper will cease activities, recover the fall pipe, and remain on station until suitable working weather resumes.

All vessels engaged in the construction activity will exhibit appropriate lights and shapes prescribed by the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea. All vessels engaged in the activity will also transmit an Automatic Identification System (AIS) message.

Other vessels are requested to give all construction and support vessels a wide berth. Mariners are reminded to navigate with caution and keep continued watch on VHF chanel 70 / 16 when navigating the area.

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