Next Geosolutions Wins in Mediterranean Sea

Next Geosolutions has recently been awarded three marine survey contracts from three different clients to be accomplished in direct continuation in the Mediterranean Sea.

The projects will involve a full range of marine survey disciplines including onshore, nearshore and offshore activities, most of which will be undertaken by means of ROV-mounted sensors and tools.

The first one, which has just been completed, encompassed multi-discipline survey tasks aimed to support a deep-water survey pipeline project, involving geophysical, environmental, archaeological and UXO survey and relocation activities.

The other two missions are submarine cable route surveys providing topographical, geophysical, geotechnical and UXO survey activities in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea to be accomplished by means of hull-mounted, towed and ROV-based equipment.

All three projects will be undertaken primarily from the multi-purpose vessel “Ievoli Cobalt”, which is permanently fitted with Schilling ROV system operated by ROVOP . Onshore teams and nearshore spreads will complement operations locally.

The three projects will keep this spread busy for the whole summer and autumn season 2019.

Carlo Pinto, COO of Next Geosolutions, said: “We consider this a great achievement for various good reasons. First of all, we have acquired two new prestigious clients, which we intend to develop a very long-standing relationship with. Secondly, we are extremely proud to provide our contribution to the realisation of all the most important energy infrastructures in this part of the world. Finally, with such a project optimisation, we are guaranteeing valuable continuity to our vessel and relevant spread utilisation, which we trust to keep on enduring for many months to come.”