NGO: Gadani Shipbreaking Yard Hit by Fire

Pakistan’s Gadani shipbreaking yard has been hit with another fire, according to NGO Shipbreaking Platform.

Local media indicated that the fire started at the yard’s plot number 54. It is understood that the incident occurred on November 7.

The fire is reportedly extinguished.

World Maritime News is waiting for more details on the incident to be provided soon by NGO Shipbreaking Platform.

A year ago, on November 1, 2016, Gadani shipbreaking yard witnessed a series of explosions aboard an oil tanker called ACES (former name – Federal I).

The incident, which occurred due to the presence of inflammable and toxic gases inside the fuel tank of the ship, took the lives of over twenty workers, while over 60 others were injured.

Following this tragedy, NGO Shipbreaking Platform informed that the shipbreaking workers announced a three-day strike which saw some 10.000 people gather to protest.

Furthermore, at least five workers died in January 2017 when a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) carrier ignited at Gadani.

Following these incidents, Pakistani shipbreaking yards closed their doors to tankers and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) carriers.

In mid-2017, GMS, a cash buyer of ships for recycling, informed that Pakistani shipbreaking yards could start receiving such vessels but with far greater restrictions on tanker cleanliness prior entry into Gadani.

GMS added that the rules for cutting a wet ship in India and Bangladesh are far more stringent than many of the international gas free standards.

World Maritime News Staff