NGVA Europe Releases Statistical Update for NGV Market

NGVA Europe Releases Statistical Update for NGV Market

NGVA Europe released its latest statistical update for the European and worldwide markets, reflecting data as per mid 2012.

Several corrections have been applied to previously published figures on some of the ‘big countries’ like Italy, making the total EU NGV running park fall back to the numbers published one year before. This being said, if we consider these changes also applicable to previous years, the total NGV running park within the EU increased by 3% from June 2011 to June 2012, reaching a total number of 984.968 vehicles.

It is interesting to notice the relevant growth experienced by the number of LNG and LCNG refuelling stations, now reaching 44 within the European Union plus some other 43 under construction.

Talking on a pan-European basis and thanks to markets not as heavily affected by the crisis as for the EU ones, the growth of the NGV running park gains in importance as the market jumped by 26% peaking at 1,73 M NG/biomethane powered vehicles as per mid 2012.

Thanks to the collaboration with the GVR, NGVA Europe also provides statistical figures from outside Europe. In this sense the worldwide number of NGVs grew by 21% during the same period of time, reaching a total number of 16,2 M vehicles. Thus the list of top-ten countries is led by Pakistan with some 3,1 M vehicles and followed by Iran (2,9 M), Argentina (2,12 M), Brazil (1,72 M), India (1,5 M), China (1,2 M), Italy (0,75 M), Ukraine ( 0,39 M), Colombia (0,38 M) and Thailand (0,33 M).

LNG World News Staff, December 20, 2012; Image: NGVA