Niels Winther Supports Cable Installation at DanTysk Wind Farm

Niels Winther supports on-going preparations for the inter-array cable installation work at DanTysk wind farm. Planning and cable installation are carried out by Visser & Smit Marine Contracting (VSMC).

DanTysk wind farm

Most recently the barge Stemat 87 arrived at the Danish port of Esbjerg. The barge carried cables from Norway, where they are being manufactured by Parker Scanrope. In this first operation, the cables will be transported to the cable installation vessel Olympic Taurus, which awaits mobilisation.

DanTysk offshore wind farm, developed by Vattenfall, is currently being built. As one of the main contractors, VSMC took over the inter-array cable installation in February 2014, and chose the port of Esbjerg as their installation base.

Stemat 87

Niels Winther acts as agent and logistics supplier to VSMC. Among Niels Winther’s responsibilities are clearing vessels, handling crew, providing offshore base facilities (office, housing, personnel), providing storage and sourcing supplies to VSMC’s crew and vessels during the DanTysk project.

This is one of several major offshore wind and offshore oil & gas projects in which Niels Winther is currently actively involved.

Press Release, March 27, 2014
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