Illustration (Courtesy of NKT)

NKT picks up €600M contract for Spain-France interconnector

NKT has secured a final order for one of the 400 kV high-voltage power cable systems for the Biscay Gulf Interconnector, with an order value exceeding €600 million.

Illustration (Courtesy of NKT)
Illustration (Courtesy of NKT)
Illustration (Courtesy of NKT)

As informed on March 10, 2023, NKT was selected as turnkey supplier for the turnkey power cable project for the Biscay Gulf Interconnector by INELFE (Electricity Interconnection France-Spain), a joint venture between the Spanish transmission system operator, Red Eléctrica, and its French counterpart, Réseau Transport d’Électricité.

Now, the final order has been awarded with an order value of more than €600 million, NKT said.

The order comprises design, production, offshore installation and commissioning of one of the two 400 kV high-voltage DC XLPE power cable systems that will enable energy exchange between France and Spain, and strengthen the transmission security and electricity supply between the two countries.

The order includes approximately 100 km onshore cables as well as 300 km offshore cables divided into three on- and two offshore sections to avoid cable laying in the submarine Capbreton Canyon.

The two cable systems of interconnector will increase the total potential energy exchange between France and Spain from 2,800 MW to 5,000 MW.

It will improve safety, stability and quality of electricity supply, as well as efficiency in both countries. The project will strengthen the integration of renewable energy by connecting the Iberian Peninsula with continental Europe, the developers said.

NKT will produce the power cables at the high-voltage factory in Karlskrona, Sweden, with expected commissioning of the full project by 2028.

Alexander Kara, NKT’s president and CEO, said: “With the order, we continue to leverage our expertise in high-voltage DC power cable technology to play a central part in interconnecting the European power grids.

“The Biscay Gulf Interconnector will be important to strengthen transmission security and the green transition in Europe. We are also pleased to expand our market reach to Southern Europe and are looking forward to the collaboration with INELFE.”