NKT: Turnkey Approach Leads to Cost Reductions (Expertise Hub VIDEO)

Turnkey solution approach is one of the ways the power cable industry can help the offshore wind industry achieve further cost reductions, Leo van der Pols, Business and Sales Development, NKT, said.

Following the acquisition of ABB’s global high-voltage cable system business which included the cable lay vessel NKT Victoria, NKT said the company had completed its high-voltage AC/DC power cable system offering to include planning, design, manufacturing, installation and related cable-laying services.

The complete portfolio enables NKT to cater to clients who opt for the ‘’bits and pieces’’ approach as well as to clients who choose the turnkey solution, according to Van der Pols.

Watch our Expertise Hub video to find out more on how NKT is staying ahead of the development curve in the offshore wind market, as well as the company’s current projects and plans to enter new markets.

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