North American Rail Operators to Offer Insights on LNG Future in Rail Industry

North American Rail Operators to Offer Insights on LNG Future in Rail Industry

As low cost liquefied natural gas (LNG) grows in popularity, North American rail operators have taken note. This January at the 4th Annual World LNG Fuels Conference, two of America’s largest Class I railroads will offer their insights into LNG and its future in the rail industry.

“Thanks to locomotives’ high fuel consumption and utilization rate, LNG has emerged as a very promising fuel for the rail industry,” noted Siyu Chen, lead LNG fuel analyst at Zeus Development Corporation. “While a lot of questions remain about conversion cost, operational and regulatory challenges, there’s still a tremendous amount of excitement in the industry.”

With LNG available at a dollar or more discount to diesel on an energy equivalent basis, both users and vendors have moved toward LNG. Canadian National Railway has already launched a pilot project in Alberta, while Burlington Northern Santa Fe intends to begin its own later this year. Meanwhile, major manufacturers Electro-Motive Diesel (Caterpillar) and GE have announced their own gas fueled locomotive models.

To discuss the future of LNG in rail operations, World LNG Fuels 2014 will feature senior representatives from the Class I world. CSX Transportation Vice President of Strategic Infrastructure Louis Renjel will discuss his firm’s perspectives and plans for LNG. Canadian National Railway Senior Vice President Sameh Fahmy will also give the audience insights into his firms experience with LNG, as well as its future at CN.

Next year’s meeting, from January 21 to 23 at Houston’s George R. Brown Convention Center, will feature a top-tier of leaders speaking on the future of this exciting new fuel across numerous transportation industries.

LNG World News Staff, November 12, 2013; Image: World LNG Fuels 2014

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