Norway: DNV Presents Technical Operations Performance Monitoring

Since it is of vital importance that assets maintain good performance under different conditions and environments, especially in an industry where profit margins and operations reliability are continuously challenged, another interesting topic is Technical Operations Performance (TOP) monitoring, a quality controlled engine performance monitoring service for propulsion and auxiliary engines.

DNV Presents Technical Operations Performance Monitoring

Initiated by ship operators to incorporate value engineering into vessel operations through periodic monitoring of marine engines, TOP monitoring was joint project by DNV, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and the Norwegian Maritime Technology Research Institute (MARINTEK).

TOP monitoring utilises the monthly performance data collected as part of a routine recommended by engine manufacturers to derive a Technical Condition Index compliant with ISO specifications by comparing the current engine performance with the new built condition of the engine at sea trial. Benchmarking vessels to trend the impact of actual conditions and environments provides greater reliability for continuous operational efficiency.

By evaluating the TCI trends, technical experts at DNVPS assess the data submitted, produce customised recommendations for performance improvements and advise on the impact of maintenance routines. Participating vessels benefit from enhanced voyage safety, reduced maintenance and off-hire costs from proper engine conditioning, improved Tanker Management and Self-Assessment (TMSA) ratings and optimised fuel consumption, thereby contributing to reduced greenhouse emissions.

This service does not require software installation or hardware on board, enabling vessels to quickly start the programme with easily understood documentation. The monthly TOP reports are easy to interpret and include scores for all affected parameters summarised by a Technical Condition Index.


DNV Petroleum Services, March 4, 2014



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