Norway: Framo Energy and Schlumberger Sold 1200 Multiphase Flow Meters Worldwide

Nearly 1200 multiphase flow meters using Vx technology has now been sold worldwide by Framo Engineering and Schlumberger.

The PhaseWatcher Vx multiphase flow meter (MPFM) is finding an ever-increasing acceptance onshore, offshore and subsea where operators now are achieving an increasing level of reassurance. After several years of using the technology the PhaseWatcher Vx is now established as the preferred multiphase metering choice for the operators.

While alternative metering technologies have been scrapped or changed significantly over the years, the patented Vx technology is the only multiphase metering principle that has remained conceptually unchanged. This unique technology has helped Framo Engineering & Schlumberger to be the world’s first and largest supplier of multiphase metering services.

Framo engineering AS was established in 1983 with the vision of developing leading-edge technology for the oil and gas industry, and to address the challenges for both ‘brown’ and ‘green’ field developments. We have been the world leading manufacturer of multiphase technology for more than 25 years.

The PhaseWatcher Vx is a result of Framo Engineering and Schlumberger collaboratively working together since the mid-1990’s, investing more than 400 man years of R&D to accomplish the goal of a robust and accurate measurement solution. Framo Engineering provides expertise in developing high-quality marine, offshore, and subsea products. The Schlumberger knowledge base spans the oilfield industry worldwide. Together, the team behind the PhaseWatcher Vx is unmatched for field and product know-how, fluids and metrology insight and the ability to develop, test and implement advancements.

The partnership has resulted in optimised strengths in process engineering and well testing. This, along with our product centre 3-Phase Measurements AS, outstanding research centers (UK, USA, France & Norway), manufacturing, testing facilities based in Bergen, Norway and support services world wide, has established and recognized the PhaseWatcher Vx as ‘best in class’ for production management, well testing and fiscal allocation.

PhaseWatcher Vx technology – advanced multiphase flow meter technology – lets you measure oil, gas and water flow rates without bulky separation. PhaseWatcher Vx represents the most compact multiphase meter on the market because it requires less instrumentation, and is essentially maintenance free.

The Vx technology is the core of the PhaseWatcher Vx (permanently installed MPFM) and PhaseTester Vx (portable MPFM). These multiphase flow meters provide major unique performance advantages:

* Vx Technology – The winner of all comparative independent tests performed in 3rd party flow loops

* Capable of measuring from 0 – 100% Gas Volume Fraction (GVF) utilizing oil/gas mode or dual mode soft- ware in the same hardware package

* The only meter with field proven technology for dual mode measurement

* Physical measurement of fractions down to atomic level

* Totally independent of flow regime such as slug flow and foam or emulsions

* Erosion resistant design

* Most compact meter on the market

* Continuous measurement for all phases independent of transition from oil to water continuous flow

* Exposed to more than 10.000 well tests per year with continued feed-back for R&D (fluid knowledge and technology)

PhaseWatcher Vx projects are managed from Framo Engineerings headquarters in Bergen, Norway. Their olleagues word-wide within Framo Engineering and the vast Schlumberger organization offer expertise and local support providing added value for the customer.

As part of any project delivery Framo Engineering will take part in the field service programme covering activities as:

* Pre-installation services

* Installation, commissioning and start-up

* Diagnostic, maintenance and repair services

* Production support services

* Engineering, upgrades and house-keeping

* Training

In addition to worldwide local support Framo also utilizes an online support and condition monitoring system called FRIEND®. A real-time historian data­base located at Framo Engineering’s premises in Bergen makes it possible to conduct event-driven data collection and trending of historical data. Additionally, FRIEND’s automated alert feature continuously monitors system performance for abnormal process / system conditions and alerts / notifies Framo Engineering personnel on duty. This information enables Framo Engineering to provide a proactive service through an Integrated Working Methodology with customers – securing Best Practice in operation and maintenance of the products and systems supplied by Framo Engineering.


Source: Framoenergy, July 6, 2010;

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