Norway: PSA Inspects Preparedness at Snorre A

Norway: PSA Inspects Preparedness at Snorre A

During the period 8 – 10 November 2011, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) carried out an audit of preparedness on Snorre A platform in the North Sea. The objective of the activity was to review and assess the management’s control of and leadership as regards barriers related to preparedness on Statoil’s Snorre A.

The audit included the preparedness philosophy on board and how this is anchored in governing documents and work processes, the facility’s preparedness equipment and the result from “Technical Condition Safety (TCS)” mappings related to this equipment.

Furthermore, the audit activity included the preparedness organisation, including the personnel’s expertise in the preparedness tasks they perform, the system for implementation of and learning from exercises and training, the facility’s role and responsibility as regards area preparedness and interaction between the offshore and onshore organisation.


The main impression following the audit was good. Nonconformities were identified in relation to the regulations connected to the following conditions:

  •  Deficient information regarding results after updating risk analyses
  • Deficient updates of preparedness analysis
  • Deficient updates of preparedness plan
  • Deficient assessment of consequences of barrier impairment
  • Deficient training in lifeboat navigation equipment
  • Equipment for fire fighting and evacuation suits
  • Deficient safety signposting.

Source: Ptil, March 15, 2012