NovaAlgoma Cement Carriers

NovaAlgoma Cement Carriers orders methanol dual-fuel cement carrier

NovaAlgoma Cement Carriers, a cement shipping joint venture between Italian-Swiss Nova Marine Group and Canada’s Algoma Central Corporation, has placed an order for a methanol dual-fuel cement carrier in China.

Courtesy of NovaAlgoma Cement Carriers

The 38,000 dwt methanol-ready ship, described by the group as ‘the largest cement carrier ever’, will be built by Zhejiang Xingle Shipbuilding and delivered by the end of 2026.

As informed, the vessel will be fitted with a cold ironing system to use green energies combined with exhaust gas recycling to generate electricity, achieving zero emissions in ports.

The newbuild will be the first methanol dual-fuel cement carrier capable of burning fuel or methanol (other units of the group’s cement fleet are already dual-fuel but use LNG). Moreover, the unit will be experimentally equipped with an air lubrication system — a system working on the concept of air injected under the flat bottom of the ship through micro air cavities and acting to reduce drastically the seawater resistance leading to increased efficiency, fuel consumption reduction and ultimately lower emissions.

Furthermore, the vessel will have a waste heat recovering system of both main and auxiliary engines exhaust gases which will be recycled to generate 250 Kw of available electricity instead of being dispersed in the atmosphere.

“This highly valuable new entry implements the Group’s fleet development strategy and is aimed to address the significant increase of cement demand we expect in the years to come and definitely strengthen our position among the world’s leaders in the cement carrier sector with 35 units active worldwide, Vincenzo Romeo, CEO of Nova Marine Group, commented.

“For our Group, it definitely represents a milestone, it is a tangible sign of our concrete and strong efforts towards a green fleet and makes ourselves proud for the adoption of such trailblazing solutions”.

The group’s flagship unit will be manned by 21 crew members and classed by RINA. NovaAlgoma Cement Carriers already signed a long-term charter contract for the vessel.

In related news, cement carrier services provider Eureka Shipping is also building an eco-friendly, shore power-ready mechanical/pneumatic cement ship. The newbuild is currently under construction at the Holland Shipyards Group in the Netherlands and is scheduled for delivery in 2025. The 12,500 dwt vessel will have fuel-efficient engines capable of operating on HVO biofuel.

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