NYK Hosts Fleet Safety Promotion Conferences (Japan)

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NYK Hosts Fleet Safety Promotion Conferences

On three dates in July, NYK hosted safety promotion conferences for shipowners and ship-management companies based inside and outside Japan as part of NYK’s two-month Remember Naka-no-Se Campaign.

Thirty-three participants from 19 overseas ship-management companies attended a session at the NYK head office in Tokyo on July 2, and 70 participants from 30 shipowners and ship-management companies in Japan attended a session at the same location on July 10. A third session was held on July 17 at the Imabari Kokusai Hotel, where 49 participants from 24 shipowners gathered. At the conferences, safe and efficient operations were stressed. Using accident statistics over the past five years, through fiscal 2012, the participants were asked to devise countermeasures against collisions, blackouts, and fatalities, among other accidents, for the entire NYK fleet. Those attending were also encouraged to continue to give attention to safety awareness measures and safe operations.

The NYK Group intends to continue these annual conferences and seminars in order to ensure the safety of all NYK-operated ships. The company actively strives to keep shipping operations safe for the entire NYK fleet, including NYK Group affiliates, ship-management companies, shipowners, and marine- and land-related parties.


NYK, July 19, 2013


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