NYK, Partners Test Next-Generation Onboard IoT Platform

Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha (NYK), MTI Co. Ltd., Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT), and NTT DATA Corporation have conducted a proof-of-concept experiment for a next-generation onboard IoT platform.

The test was held aboard Hidaka, a domestic coastal vessel owned and operated by Kinkai Yusen Kaisha, part of NYK Group, the shipping company said in a statement.

NYK and MTI previously developed a ship information management system (SIMS) that enables the gathering, monitoring, and sharing of detailed data between ship and shore. The data includes information on the operational condition and performance of oceangoing vessels.

In September 2017, the four companies began a collaboration to make use of NTT edge-computing technology to develop a next-generation onboard IoT platform by adding to SIMS a new system that would enable the remote distribution and management of onboard applications from land offices. This experiment was conducted by using NTT DATA’s ANYSENSE IoT platform and the communication company’s expertise developing infrastructure that makes use of IoT solutions.

As explained, the platform is also compliant with onboard IoT international standardization being devised by the Japan Ship Machinery and Equipment Association. In addition, the gathered data can be utilized not only on board but also from an IoT open platform ShipDC, a ship data center established by Class NK.

The four companies now plan to perform a proof-of-concept experiment on an oceangoing vessel operated by the NYK Group.

Separately, NYK informed it agreed with the National Institute of Technology (KOSEN) to collaborate in the fields of education and public relations for the purpose of human resources development in the maritime industry and the promotion of maritime affairs awareness.

NYK has a number of programs to educate the next generation of seafarers, and one of those programs facilitates international student-exchanges between students at KOSEN maritime schools and the NYK-TDG Maritime Academy, which NYK operates in the Philippines.

In addition to the overseas exchange programs and the promotion of maritime affairs awareness, NYK plans to boost its cooperation with KOSEN to include training in Japan and overseas for teachers and students. This training will begin this summer.