Photo: Courtesy of Ocean Infinity

Ocean Infinity to build zero-emissions marine propulsion system

Marine robotics company Ocean Infinity and its partners are planning to build a marine propulsion test facility with an integrated ammonia marine propulsion system (AMPS).

As disclosed, the test facility will demonstrate clean-fuelled technology eventually capable of powering Ocean Infinity’s Armada fleet, using an innovative ammonia-based fuel cell system.

The project will see Ocean Infinity collaborating with the UK-leading experts in clean fuel cell technology, maritime logistics, deployment and operation of remote and autonomous technology, and the development of operational regulations.

The project team includes Oxford Green Innotech, the University of Oxford and the University of Southampton’s Marine and Maritime Institute.

Targeting key elements of the UK Government’s 2050 Clean Maritime Plan, Ocean Infinity and its partners hope to introduce innovative new technologies and techniques for clean vessel propulsion, expecting to make a meaningful contribution towards the UK’s net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) commitment.

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“The project, due to deliver a zero-emissions marine propulsion system, is crucial for developing a robust understanding and thus optimisation of an AMPS, suitable for integration into Ocean Infinity’s Armada fleet and beyond”, Ocean Infinity said.

The marine propulsion test facility, with an AMPS project, is part of the Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition, funded by the Department for Transport and delivered in partnership with Innovate UK.

Launched in March 2020, and part of the Prime Minister’s Ten Point Plan to position the UK at the forefront of green shipbuilding and maritime technology, the competition is a £20 million (around $32 million) investment from the government.

The programme is supporting 55 projects across the UK focused on the development of innovative technologies aimed at encouraging zero emissions.

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