OCEANIC Project bags €1 million

The OCEANIC Project has been granted €1 million though the first OCEANERA-NET funding call to develop protective coatings for ocean energy technology.

The project aims to develop systems for surfaces protection to provide the ocean energy sector with the solutions to improve its reliability and project’s life time.

With this objective, a novel technique emerging from the shipping and transportation sector that can guarantee efficacy for more than 25 years with trace emission of organic biocide, will be exported for the ocean energy sector, according to OCEANIC Project.

This project will fuse together the new antifouling technology with the established thermal spray aluminum coating to give it a one-fit-all protection system for long-lasting corrosion and biofouling resistance in the marine environment.

The secondary goal of the project is the monitoring and mapping of different fouling pressures and fouling related corrosion in several European ocean energy test sites.

One of the partners of the project is WavEC – Offshore Renewables, a Portugal-based non-profit research and innovation center specialized in wave energy and offshore wind, which will perform the baseline characterization and monitoring of biofouling settling in MRE devices throughout the European ocean energy test sites.

WavEC will also compare results obtained from different coatings and controls so that coating efficiency can be accurately tested, OCEANIC Project’s press release reads.