OceanTools Reveals C-Gauge at Offshore Europe

OceanTools Reveals C-Gauge At Offshore Europe With Great Success

World leading subsea engineering company OceanTools Ltd. has revealed their latest product at this year’s Offshore Europe Exhibition with great success.

C-Gauge is a high precision subsea and surface laser measurement system that enables the accurate measurement of the space between two user selectable points. The laser projects the measurement line onto the target, with the operator selecting the two measurement points from within the point cloud with the distance between the two displayed instantly:

• Measurement accuracy to 0.5mm

• Resolution to 0.3mm

• Operating distance to target 10cm – 1.5m

• 3000m depth rated

C-Gauge also enables the high precision alignment and monitoring of targets from point to point. The easy to use software allows for the instantaneous logging of multiple lines for immediate or post process measurement operations.

The field proven laser and supporting camera are integrated into a customisable compact and robust frame for mounting to a range of ROV’s allowing for open water or confined ingress measurement work.

Callum Magee, OceanTools Business Development Manager stated: “we are delighted with the response C-Gauge generated at the show, we have a long list of clients with a long list of applications asking for a closer look.”

C-Gauge has been mobilised on its first job to precision measure damage to a FPSO turret.

Press Release, September 12, 2013