Offshore Energy Day 1 Impressions

The day one of one of the fastest growing industry meetings, Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference 2015 (OEEC), held at Amsterdam RAI, has welcomed over 650 exhibitors.

Subsea Word News was there to find out what the industry players think of this year’s OEEC, and how important is an event like this for their business.

Companies such as Fugro, Expro, Vroon Offshore, Ulstein and MMT are exhibiting this year, and they were happy to share their impressions with us.

sven plasman commercial manager of fugro 2I think it is like every year, I would say. You see a lot of the same players around. There’s a lot of interest still, even with oil and gas not being extremely dominant. There’s still a lot of attendance and still a lot of options , lot of interesting people, overall quite well.

Obviously, offshore wind farm industry is quite dominant as well and plays a quite major part for the offshore market, said Sven Plasman, Commercial Managaer of Fugro Engineers B.V.

justin martens expro business coordinatorIt’s a good exhibition. We switched halls from last year, we went from hall 11 to hall 10, because in hall 11 we found there were too much suppliers and businesses not directly relating to us. Now it kicked off quite busy for us. We’re having a busy day at the stand, a lot of people are wondering what are special tools and asking for information, so it’s been so far so good, explained Justin Martens Expro’s Business Coordinator Continental Europe.

niek splijardThe first impression is good. Good ambience, I’ve seen many exhibitions this year where it was very very quiet, so the start was good. If this is a start then we are expecting more people and more companies. For us, since we’re Dutch company, all our competitors and all our partners, all the people we work with are here, so we have to be here, commented Niek Spiljard Managing Director of Vroon Offshore Services B.V.

nICK wESSELS MaRKETING AND sALES mANAGERI haven’t seen a lot of it yet. Basically it’s feeling what the trends are, easy way to meet a lot of clients and relationships in the short period of time. Also we’re introducing some new designs. Yesterday we issued a press release on the subsea construction vessel for shallow waters and today we issued a press release on a heavy well intervention vessel which is presented tomorrow, said Nick Wessels Marketing & Sales Manager at Ulstein Design & Solutions B.V.

SOFIA REGELLThe first impression is that it’s a little bit not as many visitors as yet but hopefully it will be lot more to come. Lots of interesting companies.

I’ve taken a trip around in different halls so seems to be a lot of very interesting companies for us. The oil and gas market at the moment is a little bit slow but the main part of our revenue is really from marine cables and renewables, so we will still focus on those market segments in the future, noted Ellen Svestad Chief Commercial Officer at MMT Sweden AB.

As the event moves forward, Subsea World News will deliver you more interesting highlights and what the exhibitors think of OEEC this year.

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