Offshore Wind Well Represented at MOCE

Offshore wind will play an important role during the twelfth edition of the Maritime & Offshore Career Event (MOCE) on the 28th of March at WTC Rotterdam.

With companies such as TenneT and Smulders on the exhibition floor, a case study and a talk show specifically aimed at offshore wind, the organization wants to make sure visitors see all career possibilities that this growth industry has to offer.

Increasing demand for manpower

Wind at sea plays an important role in the energy transition and is very much in development. In order to build and maintain wind farms in the future, the demand for professionals is increasing strongly. One of the reasons why companies such as TenneT and Smulders are presenting themselves at MOCE. They are looking for professionals with a variety of profiles in order to execute the activities and to keep growing as an industry.

‘Wind at sea: jumping board for progress’

Offshore wind also plays an important role in the conference program. During the case study ‘logistics of wind turbine installation’ that Van Oord presents, participants are challenged to think about the logistical solutions that come with installing offshore wind turbines. Besides this, the ON AIR talk show: ‘Wind at sea: jumping board for progress’ is organised in cooperation with CAREER (TKI, NWEA en CoE Water & Energie). At Community Square, moderator Jan Versteegh (known from BNN and the tv-show ‘Wie is de mol?’) will lead the discussion with professionals from the wind sector – from student to teacher and from starter to senior – about developments in wind, how those contribute to a cleaner energy supply and sustainable progress, including your own progress for your career.

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MOCE is the largest and most complete career event in the maritime, offshore and energy sector in Europe and takes place on the 28th of March at WTC Rotterdam. Visitors can register for free via For further information about the companies present and the conference program, visit the website.

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