Photo: Image Courtesy: St. Simons Sound Response

Oil Leaking from Overturned Car Carrier near Brunswick

Oil is leaking from the capsized car carrier Golden Ray in the water off St. Simons Island, according to the United States Coast Guard.

The authority described the discharges as sporadic, adding that shoreline impacts have been identified near Quarantine Island, Lanier Island, and the confluence of the Back, Mackay, and Frederica Rivers.

Relevant officials continue to refine the salvage plan for the vessel, while emergency response teams launched skimming operations in Golden Ray’s engine room in order to allow access to the main fuel tanks.

The Hyundai Glovis-operated car carrier started listing heavily after it became disabled in the early morning hours of September 8 in St. Simons Sound near Brunswick, Georgia. By evening the vessel was laid over on its side.

Of the 24 persons on board, 20 were evacuated immediately while the remaining four were extracted in a subsequent operation. The vessel was carrying about 4,000 cars bound for the Middle East.

The stricken Golden Ray remains on its side in the area and still poses a major hazard to navigation for the Port of Brunswick.

Commercial traffic in the Port of Brunswick continues to move on a case by case basis.