Oil Spill Pollutes Albanian Zvernec Coastline

It is estimated that over 5 tons of crude oil spilled off the coast of Zvernec, Albania, and covered nearly five kilometers of the coastline as it reached shore.

The oil spill came from a Turkish-flagged vessel which was moored at the La Petrolifera Italo Albanese storage terminal for LPG and oil products, located in the Bay of Vlora, according to the Albanian Minister of Defense Mimi Kodheli.

The minister added that the country’s naval forces are taking part in an operation to stop the spread of the oil spill and clean-up efforts.

Local media reported that the operations at the terminal have been suspended and that the company has received a fine of some USD 8,000 for causing an environmental disaster.

The oil spill comes just a few days prior to the opening of the tourist season on the island of Zvernec.

Image Courtesy: Mimi Kodheli/Facebook
Image Courtesy: Mimi Kodheli/Facebook

World Maritime News Staff