Once sea trials are out of the way, Stena drillship going back to Guyana

One of the drillships owned by Stena Drilling, an offshore drilling contractor, has completed its 15-year special period survey (SPS).

Stena Carron drillship drilled one of ExxonMobil's recent discoveries in Guyana; Source: Stena Drilling

The Stena Carron drillship went to Las Palmas to start its SPS, during which maintenance was performed on the sheaves. According to Stena Drilling, the main and auxiliary wells were removed and replaced, full bearing replacements were conducted, and an upgraded greasing system was installed for improved performance.

The company claims that this helps to keep its equipment in top shape for smooth sailing ahead. The 2008-built sixth-generation harsh environment dual-activity dynamically positioned (DP3) drillship has now set off for sea trials before heading back to Guyana.

The offshore drilling player is looking forward to the rig’s return to Guyana, where it will continue its current drilling campaign. While the drillship is booked for work until the end of June 2024, several extension options are on the table, leaving open the possibility of prolonging the rig’s work into 2025.

Sondre Bakken Olsen, Vertical Pipe-handling Specialist at NOV, highlighted: “15-year SPS on Stena Drilling’s Carron drillship in Las Palmas Gran Canaria completed! Installation and overhaul of new racking boards and pipe racking machines. Aligments, tuning and testing done with a great team from NOV and Vinje Industri.”

With a maximum drilling depth of up to 35,000 ft and a water depth of 10,000 ft, the Stena Carron drillship features several upgrades, including managed pressure drilling, a wireline unit tower, and enhanced drilling fluid storage. The rig made a new oil discovery off Guyana for ExxonMobil in January 2023, with the drilling of the Fangtooth SE-1 well.

Stena Drilling is preparing for new assignments. To this end, the firm’s newest drillship, Stena Evolution, recently made a pit stop in a South African port before continuing its voyage to the U.S. Gulf of Mexico. The rig is slated to kick off its inaugural assignment with Shell soon.

Thanks to the company’s efforts to curb emissions and implement an energy management system across its fleet, its Stena DrillMAX rig became the first drillship to get DNV’s Abate (P) notation.