OpenHydro Buys Tritech Gemini Sonars

Tritech has secured an order for supply of sonar systems for Irish tidal turbine company OpenHydro.

OpenHydro has purchased a number of Gemini imaging sonars to monitor the installation and recovery of tidal turbines and subsea base units for its current and future projects.

The company also purchased an additional Gemini sonar, which will be permanently installed on a tidal turbine to monitor the environment. This sonar was provided with the Tritech SeaTec software package which provides target tracking and probability classification functionality, the company informed.

All Tritech Gemini sonars are provided with a software package which provides users with a real-time image and with basic target tracking capabilities. The SeaTec software upgrade is customised to meet the specific needs of the customer, Tritech said.

Mark Cobbe, Project Engineer, OpenHydro said:

“The Tritech Gemini was selected because we achieved excellent clarity at both long and short range. After a brief hire period for projects in Canada, the Gemini sonar continued to prove itself as a robust and reliable system during operations in France. It was therefore the logical choice to continue using this trusted and easy-to-operate sonar as we expanded onto different projects.”

Scott McLay, Sales Director, Tritech added:

“Tritech has led the way with many innovative technologies and this application proves the diversification of our technologies into different markets. Providing OpenHydro with a solution to both support their deployment activities and permanently monitor around a marine turbine structure further highlights Gemini’s effectiveness as a reliable real-time monitoring solution.”