Optime Gets New Contracts for Newly Introduced Products

Optime Subsea have secured a large international contracts as a direct result of increasing its product portofolio.

Optime have developed its competence, as well as products and systems, to include topside equipment interfacing to its subsea systems.

In order to control Opime’s existing subsea systems, it will require a cable/umbilical to provide power and communication signals from the topside computer systems, subsea. This cable is spooled on a reel managing both bend and tension, down to 3 000m water depth.

These new systems, the reel and the operator cabin combined with a test hydraulic unit, are now designed and ready for delivery.

“This is another great example where existing solutions have turned into the new normal over time. While working with customers to adapt the topside equipment with our subsea systems, we experienced issues with high cost, delivery and compatibility. We realized we were able to design a far more functional and reasonable solution, customized to our needs. These products also follow our design principles; being modular, functional and cost effective solutions,” said Jan-Fredrik Carlsen, CEO of Optime Subsea.

In addition to the new topside products, Optime have also grown and developed its supply chain. The company has partnered with GT Automation from Kristiansand, Norway. In contrast to Optime’s focus on subsea equipment, GT Automation have developed its competence on the design and delivery of topside equipment.

GT Automation is selected as an integrated supplier that enables cost reduction, while improving the products.

We are unfortunately not able to disclose the customers for these systems, except that they are large international providers where the contract value is several million dollars – each! What we can disclose however, is that in order to achieve this, we have illustrated that solid and innovate collaboration is required beyond just technology,” Carlsen added.