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OSG makes $30K pledge for Women Offshore scholarship

NYSE-listed tanker owner and operator Overseas Shipholding Group (OSG) has unveiled a $30,000 scholarship initiative aimed at removing financial barriers for women entering the maritime industry.

OSG 204 Image Courtesy: Business wire/OSG

The scholarship funds will be used to support the Women Offshore Foundation’s 2024 Summer Sea Term Scholarship Program that is designed to help women+ enrolled at a U.S. maritime academy with financial support while they pursue a career on the water.

This scholarship pledge is in addition to the $30,000 OSG provided to the Women Offshore Foundation used for four scholarships for the 2023 summer sea term, and the $90,000 that OSG pledged to SUNY Maritime College over the next three years to support women pursuing a maritime career.

Scholarship recipients will have ongoing interaction with OSG before, during and after her sea cruise and will have the opportunity to become familiar with OSG’s business and fleet of vessels.

“OSG is pleased to continue its partnership with Women Offshore by sponsoring more scholarship opportunities. Gaining more seafarers is critical, and it is our hope that these scholarships will uplift women who otherwise may not have had the opportunity to join the maritime industry,” says Sam Norton, OSG’s President and CEO.

“As our industry evolves, so must our workforce. Our commitments underscore our shared vision that an equitable, inclusive maritime industry will only enhance what is already an attractive career at sea.”

“Women Offshore is proud to propel our community members into a rewarding career on the water,” said Ally Cedeno, Founder & President of the Women Offshore Foundation.

“We look forward to mirroring our previous successful collaboration with OSG in awarding the scholarships, which we know will provide a positive impact on so many deserving applicants.”

Women+ maritime cadets are encouraged to apply by October 31, 2023. Selections will be announced by February 1, 2024. In order to be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must be a full-time student at a U.S. state maritime academy and be part of an active licensed major program.

The scholarships are currently open for applications on Women Offshore’s website.

Despite the strides made over the past three decades, gender inequality remains a glaring issue within the shipping world. Recent data from the International Maritime Organization (IMO) paints a stark picture: women account for a mere 2% of the world’s 1.2 million seafarers. Out of these 94% of female seafarers are confined to the cruise industry, leaving a significant gap in representation across various sectors of maritime work.

What’s more, the maritime industry finds itself at a pivotal crossroads, compelled by mounting pressures to significantly diminish its carbon footprint and embrace eco-friendly practices. In this context, the imperative of attracting more women to the sector becomes paramount, as it embarks on the adoption of new fuels and cutting-edge technologies that demand an infusion of innovation, knowledge, and talent from every conceivable source.