P-58 and P-61 TAD Move to Their Locations in Parque das Baleias and Papa Terra

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P-58 and P-61 TAD Move to Their Locations in Parque das Baleias and Papa Terra

Petrobras announces that the P-58 FPSO production platform and the SS-88 TAD drilling support vessel (Tender Assisted Drilling), strategic projects in the 2013-2017 Business and Management Plan, are on their way to their respective locations in Parque das Baleias and Papa Terra, respectively.

Yesterday, the P-58 left the Honório Bicalho shipyard in Rio Grande (RS) where it was converted along with 15 modules being integrated to the unit. The platform is expected to reach the Parque das Baleias complex in the Campos Basin within six to eight days, depending on sea conditions.

The 88 – TAD submersible platform, built at Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Company-DSIC, in China, and Superior Derrick Services-SDS, in the U.S. is coming to Brazil and is expected to arrive in January 2014. After the competent authorities have cleared it, the platform will go to the Papa-Terra field, south of the Campos Basin to operate together with the P-61 production platform, in the Papa Terra field.


The FPSO (which produces, stores and offloads oil) can process 180,000 barrels of oil daily as well as six million cubic meters of natural gas from pre and post-salt reservoirs.

The P-58 will be located about 85 km off the Espírito Santo coast, in 1,400 meters of water. It will be interconnected to 15 production wells, of which eight are pre-salt and seven are post-salt with nine injection wells in the Baleia Franca, Cachalote, Jubarte, Baleia Azul and Baleia Anã fields, along 250 km of flexible pipe and two underwater manifolds (Equipment to transfer the oil from the wells to the platform). The oil will be pumped into tankers, and natural gas sent by pipeline to the Cacimbas Gas Treatment Unit, in Linhares, Espírito Santo.

Together with other Petrobras projects, building the P-58 consolidates the expansion of the Brazilian shipping industry. Work generated about 4,500 direct jobs, 13,500 indirect jobs and reached 64% local content. The 15 modules were built in Brazil as well as the hulls converted and the unit integrated.

As part of the Federal Government Program to Accelerate Growth (PAC), the platform is among nine new units that will be delivered to the Company in 2013. The launching ceremony for the P-58 took place at Honório Bicalho Shipyard on Nov. 08 in the presence of President of the Federative Republic of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, and the Petrobras CEO, Maria das Graças Silva Foster.

P-58 data:

Oil processing capacity: 180,000 barrels/day;

Treatment and gas compression capacity: 6 million m3/day;

Local content: 64%;

Water injection treatment capacity: 58,000 m³ / day;

Electricity generation capacity: 100 MW;

Water depth: 1,400 m;

Accommodation: 110 people;

Total weight of the platform: 63,300 tons.

 SS 88 TAD

The SS-88 TAD is a semi-submersible platform type TAD (Tender Assisted Drilling), a unit chartered by Petrobras together with the American company Bass Drill to provide drilling and well completion services. The SS-88 TAD will work together with the P-61 Production Platform in the Papa-Terra field.

The SS-88 TAD, which will be anchored alongside the P-61 platform, has a modularized drilling package that will be set up on the deck of the P-61 platform. The SS-88 TAD will supply energy, provide accommodation, store drilling fluid and support systems to enable wells to be drilled from the P-61 platform.


The P-61 platform, now one hundred percent complete, is the first TLWP platform (Tension Leg Wellhead Platform) to operate in Brazil and will be installed in the Papa-Terra field. Thirteen production wells will be drilled and completed from it. The hull was built and integrated at the BrasFels Shipyard in Angra dos Reis (RJ). The topside was built in Singapore. In Brazil, work generated nearly 2,450 direct jobs, 7,350 indirect jobs and achieved local content of 67%. It will be moved to the Campos Basin in December 2013.

In the Papa-Terra field, P-61 and the TAD will work together with the P-63 FPSO, which began oil production on November 11.

Press Release, December 05, 2013


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