Peninsula delivers biofuel to NYK’s PCTC in Belgium

Marine fuel supplier Peninsula has delivered B30 biofuel to pure car and truck carrier (PCTC) Garnet Leader, owned by Japanese shipping company NYK, in Zeebrugge, Belgium.

Credit: G Gyssels/Peninsula

As disclosed, the delivery marks the first time the company completed delivery of B30 biofuel in Zeebrugge, Belgium. The event saw the delivery of 1,200 metric tons of B30 to Garnet Leader.

The bunkering of the biofuel took place on March 24, 2024. Peninsula’s barge New York was in charge of ensuring the smooth transportation and delivery of the biofuel to its destination in Zeebrugge.

B30 biofuel, a blend comprising 30% ISCC EU certified sustainable UCOME, which is a biofuel derived from used cooking oil, could reduce GHG emissions by 84%, thus mitigating the environmental impact of maritime operations, according to the company.

“NYK is proud to collaborate with Peninsula in this pioneering supply of B30 biofuel, which underscores our dedication to environmental sustainability and innovation in the maritime sector. By leveraging sustainable biofuels like B30, we are taking meaningful strides towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” Kaori Takahashi, General Manager of NYK’s Fuel Group, said.

“As the maritime industry, along with prominent players like NYK, intensifies their adoption of Sustainable Marine Fuels (SMF), the accessibility of such solutions grows in significance. Peninsula is committed to collaborating closely with our established clients and partners to deliver SMF solutions where demand is highest. Peninsula is broadening its biofuel supply network, positioning itself as the leading physical marine fuel supplier to offer comprehensive biofuel solutions across multiple regions and ports for our customers,” Peninsula’s Head of Biofuels Desk, Nikolas Nikolaidis, stated.

Recently, Peninsula delivered liquified natural gas (LNG) to containership MSC Virginia, owned by Swiss shipping major MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company, at the Gibraltar anchorage.

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