PERU LNG Completes Successful Initial Training of LNG Plant Operations Team

Hyperion Systems Engineering Ltd (Hyperion), the leading independent simulation solutions provider supplied an Operator Training Simulator (OTS) system to PERU LNG early in 2010.

The recently built PERU LNG is a natural gas liquefaction plant, located on the Peruvian Pacific coast at Pampa Melchorita, 170 km south of Lima, Peru. The PERU LNG project also includes a 408km long high pressure pipeline that connects to an existing GTP (Gas Transport Pipeline) in the mountains which supplies feed gas from the Camisea fields.

The feed gas supplied to the LNG facility is processed to remove virtually all propane and heavier components at the Camisea Malvinas facility located upstream near the gas production in the Cuzco region. As part of the project Hyperion developed first-principles dynamic models of the LNG Plant facilities, including models of the absorption, dehydration, MCHE, MR and PR refrigeration, compression and storage and loading systems.

Hyperion’s responsibilities on the project included:

– Configuration and testing of the rigorous process models

– Integrating the process models with an Emerson DeltaV distributed control system (DCS)

– Development of the Instructor and Field-Operator stations

– Supply of trainee/operator consoles, using the actual plant DCS graphics and controls

– Installation, commissioning and training at site.

The simulator was provided with a wide range of preconfigured training scenarios such as warm and cold startup, compressor trips, heat exchanger fouling, pump trips and loss of refrigerant so that operators could be put through the same repeatable exercises and be assessed on their performance.

LNG production facilities are complex to understand and operate. Having a tool to improve the operating team’s competence is critical to meeting business objectives in a competitive market.

Mr. Dean R. Jones, Executive Vice President of Hyperion stated: “At Hyperion we are very pleased with the success PERU LNG has had with the simulator. LNG facilities are being built throughout the globe and access to experienced competent operators is limited. The rigorous simulators that Hyperion provides ensure that the maximum value can be obtained across the LNG plant lifecycle.”


Source: Hyperion Systems Engineering , September 17, 2010;

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