Petrobras: July Domestic Gas Output Drops (Brazil)

Petrobras: July Domestic Gas Output Drops

In July, Petrobras had an average oil and natural gas production, in Brazil and abroad, of 2,554,263 barrels of oil equivalent per day (boed). The output from Brazilian fields averaged 2,314,871 boed. Total production was 1.12% lower than the previous month. The output from fields located abroad averaged 239,392 boed, a 2.13% decline from June.

Of the total output in Brazil, 1,940,409 barrels/day were exclusively from the production of oil. The scheduled maintenance shutdown of platform P-8 (located in the Marimbá field, in the Campos Basin) was one of the reasons for the 1% decrease in production when compared to the previous month. Non-liquefied natural gas output was 59.535 million cubic meters, which represents a 1.2% reduction.

Petrobras average production abroad, exclusively of oil, was 147,014 barrels/day in July, which is 1.06% lower than the previous month. Natural gas production totaled 15.695 million cubic meters/day, 3.94% lower than June. This decrease is due to the lower demand for Bolivian gas, a gas compressor shutdown in Santa Cruz I and the reduced production in the El Tordillo field, both in Argentina.

LNG World News Staff, August 30, 2012


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