PGNiG: Poland gas supply stable

PGNiG Poland gas supply stable

PGNiG said that gas supplies to Poland from the east from 26 September to 2 October were at a stable level.

Over the past week, the national average gas consumption was more than 31 million m3 per day, PGNiG said in a statement.

The demand for gas was covered by imported supplies and domestic extraction. Gas stored in underground gas storages is not used to satisfy ongoing needs, the statement said. Its level is currently approx. 2.6 billion m3.

In accordance with the applicable commercial contract with Gazprom Export, PGNiG SA has ordered larger quantities of gas at the points of entry into the transmission system on the eastern border because of the ongoing pumping of natural gas into the gas storages, which are being expanded,” the statement said.

However, these were not confirmed or supplied by the Russian supplier on successive days. The quantities of gas used for filling the increased storages have been supplemented by supplies from the west, it added.


Press Release, October 3, 2014; Image: PGNiG


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