Picture of the Day: Greenstream LNG Barge

Picture of the Day: Greenstream LNG Barge

The LNG powered barge, Greenstream, chartered by Shell, has been built and designed at Peters Shipyards in The Netherlands.

Greenstream has been designed with many new safety and efficiency features. For example, she has four small efficient engines rather than one large engine as in traditional barges.

This means that power can be varied as less is required to travel downstream than upstream with potential for fuel savings. These engines operate at lower frequency than traditional barges, reducing vibration and noise levels.

Reduced engine noise can improve the well-being of the captain, as well as limiting disturbance to people living close to the river. LNG engines emit fewer local emissions than diesel engines, with the potential to benefit the local environment.

LNG World News Staff, May 6, 2014; Image: Shell


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