Piriou delivers another FPSV to Jana Marine

French shipbuilder Piriou has delivered another fast personnel and supply vessel (FPSV) to Jana Marine, a Saudi Arabian provider of marine services to the offshore o&g industry.

The FPSV named Jana 18 was delivered six months after the delivery of its sister vessel, the Jana 17 which was delivered to Jana Marine back in late May.

Piriou said on Tuesday that the Jana 18 was built in Vietnam and would operate in the Arabian Gulf, like the Jana 17.

Vincent Faujour, CEO of Piriou, said: “Six months after the delivery of Jana 17, this new order confirms mutual trust between Jana Marine Services and Piriou. Jana Marine Services thus becomes a reference customer which enables us to consider new collaborations in the future.”

Jana 18, a 41P model FPSV, is a versatile vessel designed for rig crew transfer and quick transportation of supplies. The 42-meter long vessel is equipped with three engines coupled to fixed pitch propellers, 50 tonnes of deck load capacity, and can transfer up to 80 people at a speed of 25 knots. The vessel also has a fuel oil capacity of 80m3 for a 21-day endurance capability.

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