PMEC gets new associate director

Dr. Shana Hirsch has become associate director of the University of Washington’s Pacific Marine Energy Center (PMEC).

In this role, Hirsch will work with PMEC on university-industry collaboration in the marine energy industry in the US.

PMEC is a consortium of three universities which focus on the responsible advancement of marine renewable energy.

It includes researchers from the University of Washington, Oregon State University, and also University of Alaska Fairbanks.

They work with marine energy technology developers, academic as well as National Laboratory researchers and others to address sector challenges.

As a researcher in HCDE, Hirsch has worked with associate professor David Ribes researching of Science & Technology Studies (STS).

She’s using STS frameworks to study the renewable energy sector in Scotland, where marine renewables are a more dominant technology.

This ongoing work documents and characterizes the marine renewables industry’s atmosphere and activities during various phases of social, political, and economic support.

Hirsch’s work in this area will be used to provide recommendations to Scottish and UK policymakers and generate lessons on renewable energy drivers and deterrents that can apply to the US marine energy sector.

PMEC serves as an objective voice regarding the opportunities, capabilities, and also effects of marine energy, including wave and tidal.