PNG: Oil Search Provides Update on Trapia 1 ST1 Well

Oil Search Provides Update on Trapia 1 Well

Oil Search reported that on 16 August, the Trapia 1 ST1 well was at a depth of 1,433 metres in a 17-½” hole and preparations were underway to run and cement 13-3/8” casing.

During the week, a mechanical sidetrack was initiated from a depth of 1,208 metres and the 17-½” hole was drilled to 1,433 metres. Drilling progress for the week was 590 metres.

The Trapia prospect is located approximately 13 kilometres east of the Angore gas field and 23 kilometres east of the Hides gas field. The primary objectives are the Toro and Digimu sandstones.

The participants in Trapia 1 are:

  • Oil Search Limited                 52.5%
  • Esso Highlands Limited        47.5%

Oil Search is drilling Trapia 1 under contract with the Operator, Esso Highlands Limited.

LNG World News Staff, August 16, 2012