Police Investigates Floatel Superior Incident (Norway)

Police Investigates Floatel Superior Incident (Norway)

Following the incident during operations for Statoil alongside Njord A, Floatel Superior is now undergoing a yard stay in Kristiansund for inspection and repair works.

The damages caused by the loose anchor have been inspected by Floatel as well as DnV, Petroleumstilsynet and Statoil for the above seawater parts on the column. The local police have together with Petroleumstilsynet also carried out compulsory inspections and investigations of the incident, as part of standard procedures following such offshore accidents. Required repair work has been identified and agreed in close dialogue and cooperation with DnV. The subsea part of the hull has been initially surveyed with ROV.

The damages are identified to be local on the vessel hull hence all repair work will be completed at the current yard at Vestbase.

“The Company still estimates Floatel Superior to be ready for continuing operation within a time frame of maximum two weeks,” said Floatel in a statement.

All anchors will now be removed from the vessel as Floatel Superior is operated in dynamic positioning DP3 mode. Requested moored operations will be done by use of prelaid anchors.


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Press Release, November 14, 2012

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