Port of Broome Receives Funds for Channel Works

The Port of Broome in Western Australia has received funds for channel and turning basin works that will help the port to benefit from increased cruise vessel visits from 2019, Kimberley Ports Authority informed.

Funds amounting to AUD 7 million (USD 5.5 million) have come from State Government agencies including Tourism WA, Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development and Kimberley Ports Authority.

As informed, cruise company Carnival Line will return to Fremantle in 2019. The possibility of attracting further cruise lines to the Port of Broome is expected to be a “great boon for the local tourism sector and retailers.” 

Carnival Line has stated it would like to access the Port of Broome wharf for longer periods and outside of current tidal limits, according to the port authority.

“Channel work investigations are in the early stages and consultants BMT JFA have provided a scope of works and listed the feasibility studies required before the extent of works can be fully identified,” Kevin Schellack, CEO of Kimberley Ports, said.

It is currently estimated that 70,000 cubic meters of material may need to be removed from the channel. KPA is investigating a small amount of dredging adjacent to and north of the wharf totaling an additional 15,000 cubic meters of material to be removed.

Environmental studies have commenced with the lodgement of a Sampling Analysis Plan to the Federal Department of Environment and Energy for review and approval. Sediment samples are to be completed in late October and will then undergo laboratory testing to ensure there are no contaminants in the dredge material.

A small jack up barge will be utilized in November to complete the geophysical survey by drilling boreholes to determine the properties of the dredge material, the port authority said.

Final feasibility reports may need to be provided to both Federal and State government agencies for approvals, this is still to be determined as the studies progress. A final approved detailed channel design would enable the project to proceed, the port authority added.

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