Prosafe’s flotel Safe Bristolia under control

Prosafe will try to reinstate the tow for its flotel Safe Bristolia today after the towline snapped on Sunday leaving the flotel adrift in the UK North Sea. 

The vessel was on its way from England to Poland when it broke loose due to the heavy weather. The flotel currently has 33 people on board.

According to the flotel’s owner, on Monday at 20:00 hours (UK time) the captain of the Safe Bristolia reported that they had deployed one of its two emergency anchors in order to stop the vessel’s drift until the sea-state comes down, which will allow to recover the anchor to deck.

In an e-mail to Offshore Energy Today, Prosafe’s spokesperson said: “Since yesterday evening, the vessel has kept its position, and the crew will attempt to reinstate the tow later today. Prosafe are continuing to monitor the situation, working in close cooperation with the coastguard.”

Safe Bristolia was built in 1983 to a Sedco 602 design and converted to an accommodation vessel in 2006.

Offshore Energy Today Staff